The Sample Sale Suicide

The Sample Sale Suicide

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Rae Morgan is desperate for a change! She is a young and fabulous fashion executive on the fast track to success at Freeman Taylor Department Stores but she feels as if something is missing from her life. That is until a call from the wrong number changes everything!

Enter City Councilman Bryson Whitman, a strikingly handsome politician from Baltimore that accidentally calls Rae on FaceTime. Rae is swept off of her feet  and falls smitten with a new world of possibilities after all of these years.

As Freeman Taylor gears up for their annual Sample Sale, every fashion addict’s holiday , Rae is given the opportunity to finally bring some excitement back to her career. She is placed in charge of the entire event and given the chance to become the youngest COO in Freeman Taylor history thrusting her to the height of her career!

With Bryson by her side and the COO position in her grasp, the next level of success is on the horizon for Rae and it is filled with the love and excitement she has been longing to have for many years.

But the price of Rae’s ambition is even higher than the couture she wears. Bryson has a secret. A secret that threatens the dream life that has just come into view.  When she discovers the obstacles that come along with marrying a politician, she struggles to hold on to what she has waited so long to get.  Rae is now forced to make the most difficult decision she has ever had to make.

How far would you go to get what you wanted? Would you kill for it?